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OutputPulseAudio Class Reference

#include <outputpulseaudio.h>

Inheritance diagram for OutputPulseAudio:

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Detailed Description

Ilya Kotov <forkotov02@hotmail.ru>

Definition at line 34 of file outputpulseaudio.h.

Public Slots

void checkSoftwareVolume ()
void checkVolume ()


void stateChanged (const OutputState &)

Public Member Functions

void addVisual (VisualFactory *factory, QWidget *parent)
void addVisual (Visual *)
void configure (long, int, int, int)
bool initialize ()
bool isInitialized () const
long latency ()
QMutex * mutex ()
 OutputPulseAudio (QObject *parent=0, bool useVolume=TRUE)
void pause ()
void processCloseEvent (Visual *v, QCloseEvent *event)
Recycler * recycler ()
void removeVisual (VisualFactory *factory)
void removeVisual (Visual *)
void seek (long)
virtual void setVolume (int, int)
void stop ()
void uninitialize ()
virtual void volume (int *, int *)
long written ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Output * create (QObject *)
static bool isEnabled (OutputFactory *factory)
static QList< OutputFactory * > * outputFactories ()
static QStringList outputFiles ()
static void registerFactory (OutputFactory *)
static void setEnabled (OutputFactory *factory)

Protected Member Functions

void clearVisuals ()
void dispatch (const OutputState &)
void dispatch (long s, unsigned long w, int b, int f, int p, int c)
void dispatch (OutputState::Type)
void dispatchVisual (Buffer *, unsigned long, int, int)
void dispatchVolume (int L, int R)
void error (const QString &e)

Private Member Functions

void run ()
void status ()

Private Attributes

long m_bps
int m_channels
pa_simple * m_connection
long m_currentSeconds
int m_frequency
bool m_inited
bool m_pause
bool m_play
int m_precision
int m_rate
long m_totalWritten
bool m_userStop

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